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eddie mottau
Eddie Mottau's most recent recorded collaboration, "DANCE FOR LOVE" is another musical milestone in a career that spans over 40 years of performance, recording and production. Joining long-time friends Bob Drew and Jimmy Clark to create this 'backyard testimony' (recorded & mixed on a shoestring budget in their native New Hampshire), the stellar collection of original ballads and ragtime tributes was co-produced and mastered by Jim Mason and once again reveals why Eddie has been much in demand for most of his musical life as a singer, player and producer.

2 Guys from Boston

As early as 1960, Boston-born Eddie and a like-minded pal Joe Hutchinson formed a ragtime music duo calling themselves TWO GUYS FROM BOSTON. And, following the release of their single on Sceptre Records (Dionne Warwick's home label) they found themselves morphed into a full-fledged rock group called THE BAIT SHOP; joined by Jim Colgrove and ND Smart.

In 1968, Felix Pappalardi (founder and bassist of the rock group MOUNTAIN) suggested a name change (BO GRUMPUS) and produced their first album "BEFORE THE WAR" for ATCO records followed by a second one "HOME" for the BELL label after changing the groups name once again to JOLLIVER ARKANSAW. The released single "LISA MY LOVE/MR. BRENNAN" did not create a marketable result and by 1970 the group had disbanded.

bo grumpusIt was at this time Eddie was invited to join bassist/producer Jim Mason to play guitar and co-produce Noel Paul Stookey's first solo album, "PAUL and". While working with Stookey, Eddie was introduced to John Lennon in what proved to be the most productive musical era of his life. He joined John and Yoko on tour (including a 1971 performance at New York City's historic Apollo Theater that would later be included on Lennon's 1998 retrospective "Anthology") and this association with Lennon led to session work with Apple recording artist David Peel in 1972. At the end of that year he soloed, sang and produced Stookey's second solo effort, "One Night Stand", recorded live at Carnegie Hall.

Finally, his first solo album, "No Turning Around", on MCA Records, produced by Stookey, was released in 1973 featuring a wide range of guest artists including Pappalardi, Jimmy Nalls (later to be one of the original members of Sea Level) and jazz baritone saxaphonist jazz great Gerry Mulligan. As testimony to its classic longevity and Eddie's global appeal, the album was re-released in Japan by MCA in 2001.

eddie & vicIn June of 1974, Eddie rejoined John Lennon as a session musician to record Lennon's "Walls & Bridges" album, then again in 1975 for the "Rock N Roll" recording sessions. Both albums have been certified as Gold Records by the RIAA. Selections from these recordings were also included on Lennon's compilation album, "Shaved Fish", which has been certified as a Platinum Recording.

Returning to the studio in 1977 with several New Hampshire friends (including Jimmy Clark), Eddie constructed his second solo album; a live-in-studio 'no frills' rendering called NO MOULDING which has been digitized from the original analog media and manufactured by NEWORLD MULTIMEDIA as a companion release to the newest MOTTAU, DREW & CLARK cd.

Eddie's capacity to balance his musical career with his personal life is enviable. He spends most of the day at his flourishing custom cabinetry workshop but still finds the time to create new music and discover ragtime 'pearls' that he brings to the occasional live performance in and around southern New Hampshire where he lives with his family.

dance for Love

Mottau, Drew & Clark...seasoned veterans who handle the deep-pocket, laid-back groove of "Hop Scop" to the beautifully tender "Fell in Love Again" with grace and ease that comes only to musicians with years of experience.
                -Jim Mason, producer FIREFALL, POCO

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